The Darryl Nantais Gallery

Artist's Biography

Darryl Nantais

Darryl was born in Cambridgeshire in 1955. As a child he began painting landscapes from the banks of the Little and Great Ouse. When he was twelve he moved to the Norfolk coast and turned his attention to “exciting dramatic skies”.

After leaving home and touring England with his sketchbook, he settled in Norwich where he studied the past Norfolk Masters such as Chrome, Cotman and Bright. Instead of The Ouse, he painted thousand of pictures of The Broads and The Yare.

At eighteen he began to visit Paris, eventually living there for about a year. On returning to England, he decided to open an antique shop in Lincolnshire with the ultimate aim of creating an art gallery. After a few years he returned to France to live on the Normandy-Brittany border. It was here that he found not only inspiration from the environment but also from his childhood memories.

While in France he met and worked with the then eighty-year-old Eduard Palmare, an old colleague of Miro and Picasso. They had all exhibited together at The Salon d’Hiver in the 1950s. Darryl was offered an opportunity to paint for a Parisian gallery but decided to return to England where he began teaching and working for an agency copying old master paintings.

On returning to Cambridgeshire in 1987, he founded The Peppin Brown Art Gallery in Whittlesford, which became renowned for its restoration and framing. More teaching followed and he was able to promote many East Anglian artists.

In August 2001 The Darryl Nantais Gallery was set up in Linton with his friend and patron Karl Backhurst. Darryl’s paintings continue to reflect his great enthusiasm for everything that he sees. His love and appreciation of nature is very evident from the scenes that he creates. We hope that you will enjoy these beautiful paintings of all that is good in the world around us.