Martin Horsfield

After spending his childhood deep in the Norfolk countryside, Martin developed a great interest in natural history. This interest grew to encompass world wildlife subjects together with a detailed attention to their habitat and behaviour.

He then began to transfer his passion for animals and birds into paintings and pen and ink drawings capturing every nuance of the creature as he did so.

Martin now lives in Hampshire, very close to the Basingstoke canal, which at this point runs through some very beautiful countryside; this provides him with much inspiration for his work on British wildlife subjects. He will often use specific areas of this countryside along the canal bank with its local fauna and flora for background to his painting.

His extensive research of the more exotic species of wildlife is also much in evidence in his paintings and pen and ink drawings; many of which capture interactions between species that can be over in a split second.

Over the past number of years Martin has been commissioned to paint many domestic animals including diverse species such as Russian hamsters and pigs.

Martins preferred painting media is Gouache.